You may have noticed a bit of a change to the northern entrance of Flying Horse Walk – Whitewall Galleries has just completed its springtime refurbishment.

The art gallery recently finished a major modernisation project involving extensive improvements to its shop frontage on the Poultry as well as to the gallery itself.  

The first stage of the project involved moving the shop frontage further forward into the walkway around the northern entrance of Flying Horse Walk. This has added around two metres of extra floor area, as well as giving the gallery increased exposure in the city centre.

The work has also involved the knocking down of several interior walls and replacing them with backlit LED walls, giving the gallery a bright and modern atmosphere.

The refurbished gallery also features a new entertainment area and bar for clients, as well as touch screen computers for customers to browse further artwork available through the company.

Whitewall Galleries is the retail operation of the UK’s leading art publisher, Demontfort Fine Art, which has galleries in most cities around the UK.  They feature some of the most famous artists of our time, including Fabian Perez, Sherree Valentine Daines and the recent winner of Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Year, Christian Hook.

The company has been trading in Flying Horse Walk for ten years.

Nottingham gallery manager Elizabeth Parnham said: “The Whitewall Nottingham experience is now even more exciting! The improvements we have made to the gallery will really enhance the environment.  We are also delighted to be celebrating our 10th year in this location.”


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