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brewcavern It’s been a while since we gave you an update on where things are, particularly around Covid, so here goes.
Back in June we reopened the door for customers, having spent 3 months operating entirely online. At the time we felt the safest thing to do was operate from the door. Our tiny shop wouldn’t be able to accommodate more than 1 customer at a time anyway, not to mention the hassles of managing 1 in 1 out, queue management and having to deep clean each fridge including all the bottles and cans within after every customer visit. We still feel that was the right decision.
On the whole feedback was positive. We know it’s not the same buying experience, but we directed many of you to to have a proper browse and we felt things just about worked as they did before minus the tangible aspect of being able to browse, touch and read the labels.
As the weeks passed we began to think of ways we might be able to start letting people back in. We discussed as a team the possibility of 1 in 1 out, but the same issues came up in every conversation and we decided to wait and see if we were in a better position locally and nationally with regards to Covid by the time our 6th birthday came around. (It’s 24th October for those wanting to get us a card.
Well, here we are, 2 weeks from our 6th birthday and Nottingham now has the highest infection rate in the country. It sucks and the future looks bleak but it just confirms that we were right to be cautious by not letting you guys in the shop. To protect you and your families and to protect our staff and theirs.
As the cold weather begins to set in we’ve taken the decision to close the door, with the barrel outside to hopefully make passers by aware of what we’re doing and to remind you all that we are still open! Just that we still can’t let you in.

In short, we thank you for your support during whats been a very challenging year and we hope that support continues. Bare with us at the busy times and together we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel before long!

Matt, Matt, Keir and Sam.

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